We are a vibrant Christian church in the heart of downtown Ottawa with a big heart for God. Our service is modern, with contemporary worship, a young congregation demographic, and lots of places to get plugged in. There is always time after the service to build friendships over coffee and snacks. Some of our many events this fall for young adults are; coffee house, retreat, life groups and more. If you are looking for a place to connect with other Christians in a warm personal environment - look no further! Check us out online: www.okccem.com

We form the English part of the Ottawa Korean Community Church with multicultural members in our congregation.

We know that God is real and when He called us to Himself He called us to be a part of His church, carrying out His work in Ottawa, being the salt and the light, being the peacemakers, spreading the seeds of significance, of hope, and of fulfillment. We exist to FOCUS on God, and we strive to do that through:

Fostering spiritual growth (discipleship); As a church we are called to grow in devotion to and in our understanding of the Heavenly Father, and we are committed to that purpose which He has set for our lives. (Link to info on membership classes)

Outreach (evangelism); One of the main reasons for our fellowship is to communicate Godís Word - we are ambassadors for God and our mission is to lead people from all cultures to Him. Our desire is to be His light in this world. (Link to outreach stuff)

Caring for othersí needs (ministry); The second greatest command Jesus gave to all who follow Him is to love our neighbors as ourselves. This is what we want to do, visibly, consistently; demonstrating Godís love by meeting otherís needs and healing their hurts in His Name. (Link to info on life groups)

Unity in our community (fellowship); In Christ we belong, not just believe. God has brought us into His family and calls us to be family to those He who are His. While our ministry is directed to all people Ė both within the church and outside of it; fellowship is all about being a true, unified family. (Link to our upcoming events)

Studying His Word (the Bible); Who we are, what we do, what we get involved in needs to be instructed and guided by Godís Word. Thatís our goal, and for that reasons we dive into His Word so that we could know our Fatherís will for our lives and for our church. (Link to listing of Bible studies)

1:00 pm service time
385 Arlington Ave (Corner of Arlington and Bell)
From Ottawa U. take the 185 N to stop #2, walk 2 blocks South.

Please visit our facebook for more information!