Making a Difference

We want to walk in Jesus’ footsteps. He lived with His heart set on honouring His Heavenly Father and life set on loving those around Him. That’s who we want to be as well. And it’s a tall task … but, as we depend on God, we will dive right in.

Community ministries

What is very apparent to us is that we are called by God to make a difference in the community our church building is located in. We attempt to do so in many ways: through community wide BBQ’s, spring street clean-up, summer Family Fun Day, Santa Breakfast, … . In all those efforts, however, our utmost desire is to impact people God brings into our lives with the Good News of Jesus Christ and so in our personal conversations and in larger scale interactions we clearly point to God as the giver and sustainer of our life and Jesus Christ as the One through who we are invited to join His family.


One of the most important aspects of who we are as Mosaic is growing closer to God together. That’s why we strive to develop godly relationships and offer different opportunities that get us going in that direction. We encourage you to join in – here are a few ways in which we get to learn how to follow Christ better: Ladies Bible Studies; One-on-One discipleship; KidZone; Retreats; Friday Bible Studies.

College and University involvement

Our heart was always set on coming alongside college and university students and investing into their lives. Through our weekly CLG (college life group), support of various Christian clubs, joining in on events, engaging students in one-on-one discipleship we seek to introduce young people to Christ and nurture their relationship with Him.

Making a difference away from our home

Back in early 90ies God has placed on the heart of the leadership group of our church that we should invest ourselves into the lives of native people of Canada. Since then, a few times a year, we have been traveling to the Northern Quebec to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to get involved in various community work at Winneway and Waswanipi native communities. Additionally, as God leads us, we embark to other destinations and use our God given skills, abilities and resources to bring the Gospel and be the hands and feet of Christ to people all around the world.